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An avid filmmaker, costumer and science fiction fan, he has spent the last few years working nonstop on science fiction fan projects. Since his successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign for his independent production, Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly he has been a part of the Star Trek community online producing content for them and now over the past 4 years working on Trekyards he has produced more Trek then he could ever have imagined.


He is a fan of most science fiction shows including Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, and many more. He costumes throughout the year in his several costumes from Enterprise era to a complete Farscape Crichton outfit. His outfits library can be seen on his costuming website.


Samuel met Stuart through Stuart’s Star Trek movie reviews. He presented a custom, 3D rendered introduction to Stuart for his video series as a birthday present. They began talking regularly, and Trekyards was born quickly thereafter. 4 years on and they have a thriving Star Trek webseries with some of the biggest names in Trek design joining them regularly, access to a large archive of Original Studio assets and the raw computing power, thanks to the fans support, to produce even better episodes of this rather unique webshow!